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What's New? January-March, 2007

Jan - Happy New Year!!

which we spent con familia down in Ft.Lauderdale

We have a new addition to our family: Wink & Twink
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who are six-month old "sugar gliders"--marsupials from Australia.
They're very smart and sociable and oh so cute!!

Prima Carmenalita flew up for the long weekend and a little culture.  First, we visited the Barnes Foundation in Merion,PA which holds no less than 180 Renoirs!  One of our favorites in their collection was "The Peasants" by Picasso, so we brought home a framed print to add to our collection.

The next day we went down to balmy DC for a day of Natural History and Tapas at Jaleo in Bethesda.

Finally! the first snow of the season -- Jan.18

Feb - For our anniversary, we jetted down to San Juan, with 85 degrees, compared to 15-30 degrees back home!  Old San Juan was charming, with its many artisan shops, international foods, and even Coach bags at half price!  We spent one evening and had dinner with our friends, Doug and Ana, at a traditional Puerto Rican resturant with the best mofongo on the island! and also had a splendid dinner at Ramiro's on our anniversary.  We'll definitely return to la Isla Verde!

Mar -

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Playa del Carmen

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