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Who am I?

My picture, taken April '97 I describe myself as adventurous and romantic, strong and gentle, playful and mature, spiritual, fit, a non-smoker, and a Scorpio (see my astro profile).  I'm also fairly deep, intelligent, soft-spoken, and (I've been told) 'sweet'.  I like to think of myself as well-balanced (or at least that's my goal).  I love to travel and explore, gourmet or spicy foods, modern rock and new age, romantic comedies and action flicks.  I like to do lots of different things: hiking, sailing, wine and dining, learning to play golf, skiing, movies, racquetball, astrology, window shopping, shows, fairs, concerts, "social cooking", massages, snuggling (I could go on!)  My favorite destinations have been France, Bermuda, Disneyworld, and Toronto, but I've just barely begun to see the world.

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My Favorite Things...

Places: Foods: Music: Recreation: Movies: TV Shows:
France French - Canard Framboise Enigma, Delerium , Enya , Deep Forest hiking Braveheart La Femme Nikita
Carribean Bermuda Szechuan - Sesame Chicken NIN, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden sailing Grand Canyon Two and a Half Men
Bar Harbor Mexican - Chicken Burrito Fiona, Alanis, Sara McLachlan shooting pool (I have a table) Love Actually Sopranos
Disney World Indian - Chicken Saag Jean-Michel Jarre, Pink Floyd, Kitaro, Vangelis skiing Gross Pointe Blank House
Wine and dark beers Mozart & Vivaldi ultimate frisbee The Fifth Element Real Time with Bill Maher

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Fun things I've done and want to do more/again

Hot Air Ballooning   Hang Gliding off the dunes of Kitty Hawk  Hiking down into the Grand Canyon--awesome!  Scuba Diving off Bermuda and scootering around the pink island  Sailing off Cape Cod--saw the last America's Cup race there in Newport, RI  Skiing out in Colorado; next time I want to spend more time in Breckenridge  Sky Diving from 13,000 feet  Watching the annual Perseids meteor shower from atop Cascade Mt. in Acadia Nat'l Park, ME   Marveling at Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater  Driving through the Cote D'Or of France and then over to Mont Blanc  Walt Disney World (7 times, and there's still more to see and do!)  David Letterman show in N.Y.C.  Hiking the White Mountains of New Hampshire, or the A.T. right here in PA  Driving 95 on 95   Volunteering at the LPGA tournament in Wilmington  Shopping in the Yorkville section of Toronto

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Other ditties...

my car

I just got Audi A4 Quattro Premium Plus S-Line

here's another quote: "Cliff Farmer - he's out_standing in his field!"  (get it?)

I spent a night in jail....once....a long time ago.....just one night....

I used to have a Honda CBK550 motorcycle (not related to item above).  It's been a few years now, but I'm starting to consider getting a new bike, a Honda Nighthawk 750.My boat (when I had it)

I also used to have a 31' Hunter sailboat up in Buzzards Bay, Mass. (another quote: "a boat is a hole in the water that you throw money into!")

My spiritual path is based on Taoism, an ancient philosophy.  For a wonderful introduction, try the "365 Tao, Daily Meditations."

I always have a frisbee with me in my car (but not too many people play).

Adrian Paul is my hero!  "In the end, there can be only one."

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