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My Movie Library

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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller 15 Minutes DVD   Robert De Niro Edward Burns 2001
Action/Crime/Thriller 2 Fast 2 Furious DVD   Paul Walker Tyrese Gibson 2003
Action/Drama/History/War 300 DVD   Gerard Butler Lena Headey 2006
Action/Comedy Air America DVD   Mel Gibson Robert Downey Jr 1990
Action/Drama Apocalypse Now DVD   Marlon Brando Martin Sheen 1979
Action/Sci-Fi/Thriller Armageddon DVD   Bruce Willis Ben Affleck 1998
Action/Comedy/Adventure/Music Austin Powers III DVD   Mike Myers Beyonce Knowles 2002
Action/Adventure/Comedy/Sci-Fi Back to the Future II DVD   Michael J Fox Christopher Lloyd 1989
Action/Adventure/Comedy/Sci-Fi Back to the Future III DVD   Michael J Fox Christopher Lloyd 1990
Action/Crime/Fantasy/Thriller Batman Forever VHS   Val Kilmer Tommy Lee Jones 1995
Action/Comedy/Crime/Drama Beverly Hills Cop VHS   Eddie Murphy Judge Reinhold 1984
Action/Comedy/Crime/Thriller Beverly Hills Cop II VHS   Eddie Murphy Judge Reinhold 1987
Action/Fantasy/Horror/Thriller Blade Trinity DVD   Wesley Snipes Kris Kristofferson 2004
Action/Thriller/Mystery/Drama Bourne Identity DVD   Matt Damon Franka Potente 2002
Action/Adventure/Mystery Bourne Ultimatum DVD   Matt Damon Julia Stiles 2007
Action/Biography/Drama/War Braveheart DVD   Mel Gibson Sophie Marceau 1995
Action/Thriller/Drama Broken Arrow DVD   John Travolta Christian Slater 1996
Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi Bulletproof Monk DVD   Chow Yun-Fat Seann William Scott 2003
Action/Comedy Charlie's Angels DVD   Cameron Diaz Drew Barrymore 2000
Action/Comedy/Adventure/Mystery Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle DVD   Cameron Diaz Drew Barrymore 2003
Action/Thriller/Drama Clear and Present Danger DVD   Harrison Ford Willem Dafoe 1994
Action/Adventure/Thriller Cliffhanger DVD   Sylvester Stallone John Lithgow 1993
Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller Collateral DVD   Tom Cruise Jamie Foxx 2004
Action/Drama/Fantasy/Horror Constantine DVD   Keanu Reeves Rachel Weisz 2005
Action/Adventure/Romance Cutthroat Island DVD   Geena Davis Matthew Modine 1995
Action/Adventure/Drama Dante's Peak DVD   Pierce Brosnan Linda Hamilton 1997
Action/Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller Day After Tomorrow, The DVD   Dennis Quaid Jake Gyllenhaal 2004
Action/Romance/Thriller/Western Desperado DVD   Antonio Banderas Salma Hayek 1995
Action/Drama/Thriller Devil's Own, The DVD   Brad Pitt Harrison Ford 1997
Action/Thriller/Adventure Die Another Day TiVo  Pierce Brosnan Halle Berry 2002
Action/Thriller Die Hard VHS   Bruce Willis Bonnie Bedelia 1988
Action/Thriller Enemy of the State DVD   Will Smith Gene Hackman 1998
Action/Comedy/Drama/Thriller Fair Game DVD   William Baldwin Cindy Crawford 1995
Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller Fast and Furious DVD   Paul Walker Vin Diesel 2001
Action/Sci-Fi/Comedy/Romance Fifth Element DVD   Bruce Willis Milla Jovavich 1997
Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller Fugitive, The TiVo  Harrison Ford Tommy Lee Jones 1993
Action/Thriller/Adventure GoldenEye DVD   Pierce Brosnan Sean Bean 1995
Action/Thriller/Drama Heat DVD   Robert DeNiro Al Pacino 1995
Action/Drama/Thriller Heist DVD   Gene Hackman Rebecca Pidgeon 2001
Action/Adventure/Drama Hero DVD   Jet Li Tony Leung Chiu Wai 2002
Action/Comedy/Thriller/Crime Hollywood Homicide DVD   Harrison Ford Josh Hartnett 2003
Action/Adventure/Thriller Hunt for Red October VHS   Harrison Ford Alec Baldwin 1990
Action/Sci-Fi Independence Day DVD   Will Smith Bill Pullman 1996
Action/Adventure Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade DVD   Harrison Ford Sean Connery 1989
Action/Adventure Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark DVD   Harrison Ford Karen Allen 1981
Action/Adventure Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom DVD   Harrison Ford Kate Capshaw 1984
Action/Adventure/Crime/Thriller Into the Blue DVD   Paul Walker Jessica Alba 2005
Action/Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller Island, The DVD   Ewan McGregor Scarlett Johansson 2005
Action/Thriller/Drama Jade VHS   David Caruso Linda Fiorentino 1995
Action/Adventure/Thriller Jaws DVD   Roy Scheider Richard Dreyfuss 1975
Action/Adventure/Horror/Sci-Fi Jurassic Park DVD   Sam Neill Laura Dern 1993
Action/Adventure/Horror/Sci-Fi Jurassic Park 2 DVD   Jeff Goldblum Julianne Moore 1997
Action/Comedy K-9 DVDF  Jim Belushi Mel Harris 1989
Action/Adventure/Drama/Thriller King Kong DVD   Naomi Watts Jack Black 2005
Action/Comedy/Adventure Knight's Tale, A DVD   Heath Ledger Rufus Sewell 2001
Action/Adventure Lara Croft: Tomb Raider DVD   Angelina Jolie Jon Voight 2001
Action/Adventure/Drama/War Last Samurai DVD   Ken Watanabe Tom Cruise 2003
Action/Thriller License to Kill VHS   Timothy Dalton Carey Lowell 1989
Action/Adventure/Crime Live Free or Die Hard DVD   Bruce Willis Timothy Olyphant 2007
Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller Lord of War DVD   Nicolas Cage Bridget Moynahan 2005
Action/Comedy Mask, The VHS   Jim Carrey Peter Riegert 1994
Action/Adventure/Drama/History Master and Commander DVD   Russell Crowe Paul Bettan 2003
Action/Sci-Fi/Thriller Matrix Revolutions, The DVD   Mary Alice Tanveer Atwal 2003
Action/Comedy/Sci-Fi Men In Black DVD   Tommy Lee Jones Will Smith 1997
Action/Comedy/Sci-Fi Men in Black II DVD   Tommy Lee Jones Will Smith 2002
Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller Miami Vice DVD   Colin Farrell Jamie Foxx 2006
Action/Adventure/Thriller Mission: Impossible VHS   Tom Cruise Jon Voight 1996
Action/Adventure/Mystery/Thriller Mission: Impossible II DVD   Tom Cruise Thandie Newton 2000
Action/Adventure/Thriller Mission: Impossible III DVD   Tom Cruise Philip Seymour Hoffman 2006
Action/Comedy/Romance/Thriller Mr & Mrs Smith DVD   Brad Pitt Angellina Jolie 2005
Action/Comedy Mr. Nice Guy VHS   Jackie Chan 1997
Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Horror Mummy, The DVD   Brendan Fraser Rachel Weisz 1999
Action/Thriller/Crime/Drama Murder at 1600 DVD   Wesley Snipes Diane Lane 1997
Action/Comedy/Crime/Romance Naked Gun DVD   Leslie Nielsen Priscilla Presley 1988
Action/Thriller Narrow Margin DVD   Gene Hackman Anne Archer 1990
Action/Adventure National Treasure DVD   Nicolas Cage Diane Kruger 2004
Action/Crime/Drama/Mystery Negotiator, The DVD   Samuel L. Jackson Kevin Spacey 1998
Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi One, The VHS   Jet Li 2001
Action/Thriller/Drama Patriot Games DVD   Harrison Ford Anne Archer 1992
Action/Drama Patriot, The DVD   Mel Gibson Heath Ledger 2000
Action/Adventure Phantom, The VHS   Billy Zane Kristy Swanson 1996
Action/Adventure/Comedy Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest DVD   Johnny Depp Orlando Bloom 2006
Action/Crime/Drama/Romance Point of No Return DVD   Bridget Fonda Gabriel Byrne 1993
Action/Drama/Thriller Ransom DVD   Mel Gibson Rene Russo 1996
Action/Thriller/Crime Replacement Killers, The DVD   Yun-Fat Chow Mira Sorvino 1998
Action/Comedy Risky Business DVD   Tom Cruise Rebecca De Mornay 1983
Action/Comedy Rush Hour DVD   Jackie Chan Chris Tucker 1998
Action/Comedy Rush Hour 2 DVDF  Jackie Chan Chris Tucker 2001
Action/Romance/Thriller Saint, The DVD   Val Kilmer Elizabeth Shue 1997
Action/Adventure Scorpion King DVD   Dwayne Johnson 2002
Action/Crime/Ddrama/Thriller Sentinel, The DVD   Michael Douglas Kiefer Sutherland 2006
Action/Adventure/Comedy Shanghai Knights DVD   Jackie Chan Owen Wilson 2003
Action/Western/Comedy Shanghai Noon DVD   Jackie Chan Owen Wilson 2000
Action/Adventure/Crime/Drama Shoot to Kill DVDF  Sidney Poitier Tom Berenger 1988
Action/Adventure/Comedy Shoot'Em Up DVD   Clive Owen Paul Giamatti 2007
Action/Adventure/Comedy/Romance Six Days Seven Nights DVDF  Harrison Ford Anne Heche 1998
Action/Comedy/Drama/Mystery Sneakers DVD   Robert Redford Sidney Poitier 1992
Action/Drama/Thriller Spy Game DVD   Robert Redford Brad Pitt 2001
Action/Drama/Thriller Sum of All Fears DVD   Ben Affleck Morgan Freeman 2002
Action/Thriller/Drama Swordfish DVD   John Travolta Hugh Jackman 2001
Action/Comedy Talladega Nights DVD   Will Farrell John C. Reilly 2006
Action/Romance/Thriller/Drama Tequila Sunrise DVD   Mel Gibson Michelle Pfeiffer 1988
Action/Thriller/Mystery Terminal Velocity DVD   Charlie Sheen Nastassja Kinski 1994
Action/Adventure Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life DVD   Angelina Jolie Gerard Butler 2003
Action/Adventure/Thriller Tomorrow Never Dies DVD   Pierce Brosnan Jonathan Pryce 1997
Action/Drama Top Gun VHS   Tom Cruise Kelly McGillis 1986
Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi/Thriller Total Recall DVD   Arnold Schwarzenegger Sharon Stone 1990
Action/Crime/Thriller Transporter 2 DVD   Jason Statham Alessandro Gassman 2005
Action/Thriller/Crime Transporter, The DVD   Jason Statham Qi Shu 2002
Action/Adventure/Comedy/Romance True Lies DVD   Arnold Schwarzenegger Jamie Lee Curtis 1994
Action/Thriller/Drama Twister DVD   Helen Hunt Bill Paxton 1996
Action/Drama/Thriller Under Siege DVD   Steven Seagal Tommy Lee Jones 1992
Action/Thriller/Drama Under Siege 2 TiVo  Steven Segal Eric Bogosian 1995
Action/Crime/Drama/History Untouchables DVDF  Kevin Costner Sean Connery 1987
Action/Drama/Sci-Fi V for Vendetta DVD   Natalie Portman Hugo Weaving 2005
Action/Thriller/Drama Volcano DVD   Tommy Lee Jones Anne Heche 1997
Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi/Thriller War of the Worlds DVD   Tom Cruise Dakota Fanning 2005

Adventure/Romance/Drama/Thriller Against All Odds VHS   Rachel Ward Jeff Bridges 1984
Adventure/Comedy/Action/Romance Around the World in 80 Days DVD   Jackie Chen Steve Coogan 2004
Adventure/Comedy/Sci-Fi/Action Back to the Future DVD   Michael J Fox Christopher Lloyd 1985
Adventure/Family Bear, The DVD   Tchéky Karyo Jack Wallace 1988
Adventure/Drama/History Bounty, The DVD   Mel Gibson Anthony Hopkins 1984
Adventure/Mystery/Thriller/Action Bourne Supremacy, The DVD   Matt Damon Joan Allen 2004
Adventure/Drama Cast Away DVD   Tom Hanks Helen Hunt 2000
Adventure/Comedy Crocodile Hunter, The DVD   Steve Irwin Terri Irwin 2002
Adventure/Drama/Action/Romance Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon DVD   Chow Yun-Fat Michelle Yeoh 2000
Adventure/Animation/Comedy/Family Finding Nemo DVD   Albert Brooks Ellen DeGeneres 2003
Adventure/Family/Fantasy Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD   Daniel Radcliffe Richard Griffiths 2004
Adventure/Family/Fantasy Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone DVD   Richard Harris Maggie Smith 2001
Adventure/Comedy/Thriller/Action In-Laws VHS   Peter Falk Alan Arkin 1979
Adventure/Action/Crime/Thriller Italian Job DVD   Mark Wahlberg Charlize Theron 2003
Adventure/Comedy/Action Kangaroo Jack DVD   Jerry O'Donnell Estella Warren 2003
Adventure/Romance Medicine Man DVD   Sean Connery Lorraine Bracco 1992
Adventure/Comedy Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVDF  Graham Chapman John Cleese 1975
Adventure/Thriller/Romance North by Northwest DVD   Cary Grant Eva Marie Saint 1959
Adventure/Comedy/Fantasy/Action Pirates of the Caribbean DVD   Johnny Depp Geoffrey Rush 2003
Adventure/Drama Right Stuff DVD   Sam Shepard Scott Glenn 1983
Adventure/Biography/Drama Seven Years in Tibet DVD   Brad Pitt David Thewlis 1997
Adventure/Comedy/Drama Sideways DVD   Paul Giamatti Thomas Haden Church 2004
Adventure/Comedy/Sci-Fi Star Trek IV VHS   William Shatner Leonard Nimoy 1986
Adventure/Comedy/Drama/Family What a Girl Wants DVDF  Amanda Bynes Colin Firth 2003
Adventure/Comedy/Mystery Without a Paddle DVDF  Matthew Price Andrew Hampton 2004
Adventure/Action/Thriller XXX DVD   Vin Diesel Asia Argento 2002

Animation/Family/Comedy Chicken Run DVDF  Phil Daniels Lynn Ferguson 2000
Animation/Adventure/Comedy/Family Fern Gully VHS   Tim Curry Samantha Mathis 1992
Animation/Adventure/Family/Comedy Ice Age DVD   Ray Romano John Leguizamo 2002
Animation/Drama/Family/Sci-Fi Iron Giant, The VHS   Jennifer Aniston Harry Connick Jr. 1999
Animation/Family/Comedy Monsters, Inc. DVD   John Goodman Bily Crystal 2001
Animation/Action/Adventure Princess Mononoke VHS   1997
Animation/Adventure/Romance/Comedy Shrek DVD   Mike Myers Eddie Murphy 2001
Animation/Adventure/Comedy/Family Shrek 2 DVD   Mike Myers Eddie Murphy 2004
Animation/Adventure/Comedy/Family Toy Story VHS   Tom Hanks Tim Allen 1995

Biography/Drama/Sport Ali DVD   Will Smith Jamie Foxx 2001
Biography/Drama/Music Amadeus DVD   Robert Downey Jr F. Murray Abraham 1984
Biography/Crime/Drama Blow DVDF  Johnny Depp Penelope Cruz 2001
Biography/Comedy/Drama Private Parts DVD   Howard Stern Robin Quivers 1997

Comedy/Romance 40 Year Old Virgin, The DVD   Steve Carell Catherine Keener 2005
Comedy/Fantasy/Romance All of Me DVD   Steve Martin Lily Tomlin 1984
Comedy/Romance Along Came Polly DVDF  Ben Stiller Jennifer Aniston 2004
Comedy American Pie DVD   Jason Biggs Chris Klein 1999
Comedy American Pie 2 DVD   Jason Biggs Shannon Elizabeth 2001
Comedy American Pie Band Camp DVD   Eugene Levy Tad Hilgenbrink 2005
Comedy/Drama/Romance American President DVD   Michael Dougla Annette Bening 1995
Comedy/Crime Analyze This DVD   Robert De Niro Billy Crystal 1999
Comedy/Romance Annie Hall DVDF  Woody Allen Diane Keaton 1977
Comedy/Drama/Romance As Good As It Gets DVD   Helen Hunt Jack Nicholson 1997
Comedy/Action/Music/Adventure Austin Powers I DVD   Mike Myers Elizabeth Hurley 1997
Comedy/Action/Music/Adventure Austin Powers II DVD   Mike Myers Heather Graham 1999
Comedy/Drama/Family/Fantasy Big DVD   Tom Hanks Elizabeth Perkins 1988
Comedy Borat DVD   Sacha Baron Cohen Ken Davitian 2006
Comedy/Fantasy/Romance/Drama Bruce Almighty DVD   Jim Carrey Morgan Freeman 2003
Comedy/Mystery/Romance/Thriller Charade DVD   Cary Grant Audrey Hepburn 1963
Comedy/Romance/Drama Chasing Amy DVD   Ben Affleck Joey Lauren Adams 1997
Comedy/Romance Chasing Liberty DVDF  Mandy Moore Stark Sands 2004
Comedy/Romance Dave DVD   Kevin Kline Sigourney Weaver 1993
Comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels DVD   Steve Martin Michael Caine 1988
Comedy/Romance Doc Hollywood DVD   Michael J Fox Julie Warner 1991
Comedy Dodgeball DVD   Vince Vaughn Christine Taylor 2004
Comedy/Drama/Romance Don Juan DeMarco DVD   Marlon Brando Johnny Depp 1995
Comedy/Drama/Romance Drumline DVD   Nick Cannon Zoe Saldana 2002
Comedy Ellen DeGeneres: The Beginning TiVo  Ellen DeGeneres 2000
Comedy/Sci-Fi Evolution DVD   David Duchovny Julianne Moore 2001
Comedy Ferris Bueller's Day Off DVD   Matthew Broderick Alan Ruck 1986
Comedy Fish Called Wanda DVD   Jamie Lee Curtis John Cleese 1988
Comedy/Mystery Fletch VHS   Chevy Chase Dana Wheeler-Nicholson 1985
Comedy/Drama/Romance Fools Rush In DVD   Matt Perry Salma Hayek 1997
Comedy/Drama Four Seasons DVD   Alan Alda Carol Burnett 1981
Comedy/Romance Four Weddings and a Funeral DVD   Hugh Grant Andie McDowell 1994
Comedy/Romance/Thriller Grosse Pointe Blank DVD   John Cusack Minnie Driver 1997
Comedy/Romance Groundhog Day DVDF  Bill Murray Andie McDowell 1993
Comedy/Fantasy/Sport Heaven Can Wait DVDF  Warren Beatty Julie Christie 1978
Comedy/Romance His Girl Friday DVD   Cary Grant Rosalind Russell 1940
Comedy/Romance Hitch DVD   Will Smith Eva Mendes 2005
Comedy/Romance Holiday, The DVD   Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet 2006
Comedy/Romance Honeymoon in Vegas VHS   Nicolas Cage James Caan 1992
Comedy/Romance HouseSitter VHS   Steve Martin Goldie Hawn 1992
Comedy/Romance How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days DVDF  Kate Hudson Matthew McConaughey 2003
Comedy/Romance/Crime Intolerable Cruelty DVD   George Clooney Catherine Zeta-Jones 2003
Comedy/Drama Jersey Girl DVDF  Ben Affleck Raquel Castro 2004
Comedy/Drama/Romance Keeping the Faith DVD   Ben Stiller Edward Norton 2000
Comedy/Romance Kissing a Fool DVD   Jason Lee David Schwimmer 1998
Comedy/Romance L.A. Story DVD   Steve Martin Victoria Tennant 1991
Comedy Legally Blonde DVDF  Reese Witherspoon 2001
Comedy Legally Blonde 2 DVDF  Reese Witherspoon Sally Field 2003
Comedy/Romance/Drama Love Actually DVD   Hugh Grant Colin Firth 2003
Comedy/Romance Maid in Manhattan DVD   Jennifer Lopez Ralph Fiennes 2002
Comedy/Thriller Man with One Red Shoe DVD   Tom Hanks Dabney Coleman 1985
Comedy/Drama Monsoon Wedding DVDF  Naseeruddin Shah Lillete Dubey 2001
Comedy/Drama Monster in a Box TiVo  Spalding Gray 1992
Comedy/Romance Monster-In-Law DVDF  Jennifer Lopez Jane Fonda 2005
Comedy Mr. Destiny DVD   Jim Belushi Rene Russo 1990
Comedy/Romance Must Love Dogs DVDF  Diane Lane John Cusack 2005
Comedy/Romance My Big Fat Greek Wedding DVD   Nia Vardalos John Corbett 2002
Comedy Napoleon Dynamite DVD   Jon Heder Jon Gries 2004
Comedy Nine Months DVD   Hugh Grant Julianne Moore 1995
Comedy/Adventure O Brother, Where Art Thou DVDF  George Clooney 2000
Comedy/Thriller Ocean's Eleven DVD   George Clooney Julia Roberts 2001
Comedy/Crime/Thriller Ocean's Thirteen DVD   Brad Pitt George Clooney 2007
Comedy/Crime/Thriller Ocean's Twelve DVD   George Clooney Brad Pitt 2004
Comedy/Drama/Romance/Thriller Out of Sight DVD   George Clooney Jennifer Lopez 1998
Comedy/Drama Paper, The VHS   Michael Keaton Glenn Close 1994
Comedy/Drama/Romance Prime DVDF  Meryl Streep Uma Thurman 2005
Comedy Princess Diaries VHS   Julie Andrews Anne Hathaway 2001
Comedy Rat Race DVD   Cuba Gooding Jr. Rowan Atkinson 2001
Comedy/Romance Roxanne DVD   Steve Martin Daryl Hannah 1987
Comedy/Romance Sabrina DVD   Julia Ormond Harrison Ford 1995
Comedy Santa Clause VHS   Tim Allen Judge Reinhold 1994
Comedy/Horror/Mystery Scary Movie DVD   Anna Faris Shawn Wayans 2000
Comedy/Horror/Sci-Fi Scary Movie 2 VHS   Anna Faris Marlon Wayans 2001
Comedy/Horror Scary Movie 3 DVD   Pamela Anderson Jenny McCarthy 2003
Comedy/Romace She's The One DVDF  Edward Burns Mike McGlone 1996
Comedy/Romance/Drama Spanglish DVD   Adam Sandler Tea Leoni 2004
Comedy/Musical Spice World VHS   Spice Girls 1997
Comedy/Romance Splash VHS   Tom Hanks Daryl Hannah 1984
Comedy Thirteenth Year VHS   Chez Starbuck Justin Jon Ross 1999
Comedy/Drama/Romance Tin Cup DVD   Kevin Costner Rene Russo 1996
Comedy Trading Places DVD   Eddie Murphy Dan Aykroyd 1983
Comedy/Drama Two Girls and a Guy TiVo  Robert Downey Jr. Heather Graham 1997
Comedy/Romance Two Weeks Notice DVD   Sandra Bullock Hugh Grant 2002
Comedy/Romance Wedding Planner DVD   Jennifer Lopez Matthew McConaughey 2001
Comedy/Romance When Harry Met Sally DVD   Billy Crystal Meg Ryan 1989
Comedy/Crime/Action Whole Nine Yards DVD   Bruce Willis Matthew Perry 2000
Comedy/Romance You've Got Mail VHS   Tom Hanks Meg Ryan 1998
Comedy/Horror/Sci-Fi Young Frankenstein VHS   Gene Wilder Peter Boyle 1974

Crime/Thriller/Action/Adventure After the Sunset DVD   Pierce Brosnan Salma Hayek 2004
Crime/Mystery/Drama And Then There Were None DVD   Barry Fitzgerald Walter Huston 1945
Crime/Drama/Thriller Departed, The DVD   Leonardo DiCaprio Matt Damon 2006
Crime/Drama/Thriller Firewall DVDF  Harrison Ford Paul Bettany 2006
Crime/Drama Good Thief, The TiVo  Nick Nolte Tcheky Karyo 2002
Crime/Drama/Thriller John Q DVD   Denzel Washington Robert Duvall 2002
Crime/Thriller Murder by Numbers DVD   Sandra Bullock Ben Chaplin 2002
Crime/Drama/Thriller Out of Time DVDF  Denzel Washington Eve Mendes 2003
Crime/Drama/Thriller Payback DVDF  Mel Gibson Val Resnick 1999
Crime/Drama/Thriller Professional, The DVD   Jean Reno Gary Oldman 1994
Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller Rising Sun TiVo  Sean Connery Wesley Snipes 1993
Crime/Drama/Thriller Traffic DVD   Benicio Del Toro Jacob Vargas 2000

Drama/Comedy About a Boy VHS   Hugh Grant Toni Colette 2002
Drama American Beauty VHS   Kevin Spacey Annette Bening 1999
Drama/Romance Before Sunrise DVD   Ethan Hawke Julie Delpy 1995
Drama/Romance Before Sunset DVD   Ethan Hawke Julie Delpy 2004
Drama/Romance/Sport Blue Crush DVD   Kate Bosworth 2002
Drama/Romance Bounce DVD   Ben Affleck Gwyneth Paltrow 2000
Drama/Romance Casablanca DVD   Humphrey Bogart Ingrid Bergman 1942
Drama/Thriller Changing Lanes DVDF  Ben Affleck Samuel L. Jackson 2002
Drama/Sci-Fi/Mystery Contact DVD   Jodie Foster Matthew McConaughey 1997
Drama/Mystery/Thriller Da Vinci Code, The DVD   Tom Hanks Audrey Tatou 2006
Drama/Horror/Thriller Devil's Advocate, The DVD   Keanu Reeves Al Pacino 1997
Drama/Action/Adventure/Thriller Edge, The VHS   Anthony Hopkins Alec Baldwin 1997
Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller Exorcism of Emily Rose, The DVD   Laura Linney Tom Wilkinson 2005
Drama/Adventure/Sci-Fi Final Countdown DVD   Kirk Douglas Martin Sheen 1980
Drama/Mystery/Thriller Flightplan TiVo  Jodie Foster Peter Sarsgaard 2005
Drama Frida DVD   Salma Hayek Alfred Molina 2002
Drama/Action Gladiator VHS   Russell Crowe Joaquin Phoenix 2000
Drama Good Will Hunting DVD   Matt Damon Robin Williams 1997
Drama/Thriller/Crime Gorky Park DVDF  William Hurt Lee Marvin 1983
Drama/Crime Grand Canyon DVD   Kevin Kline Danny Glover 1991
Drama/Family/Comedy/Adventure Holes DVD   Sigourney Weaver Jon Voight 2003
Drama/Thriller Insomnia DVD   Al Pacino Robin Williams 2002
Drama/Thriller Juror, The VHS   Demi Moore Alec Baldwin 1996
Drama/Thriller K-19: Widowmaker TiVo  Sam Spruell Peter Stebbings 2002
Drama/Sci-Fi K-Pax DVD   Kevin Spacey Jeff Bridges 2001
Drama/Romance Last of the Mohicans DVD   Daniel Day Lewis Madeleine Stowe 1992
Drama/Mystery/Sci-Fi/Thriller Manchurian Candidate, The DVD   Denzel Washington Meryl Streep 2004
Drama/Mystery/Thriller Memento DVD   Guy Pearce Carrie-Anne Moss 2000
Drama/Fantasy/Comedy/Romance Michael DVD   John Travolta Andie MacDowell 1996
Drama/Thriller/Crime Panic Room DVD   Jodie Foster Kristen Stewart 2002
Drama/Action/Romance Pearl Harbor DVD   Ben Affleck Josh Hartnett 2001
Drama/Fantasy/Musical/Romance Phantom of the Opera, The DVD   Gerard Butler Emmy Rossum 2004
Drama/Crime Pulp Fiction VHS   John Travolta Uma Thurman 1994
Drama/Thriller Red Eye TiVo  Rachel McAdams Cillian Murphy 2005
Drama/Comedy/Romance Return to Me DVD   David Duchovny Minnie Driver 2000
Drama/Romance/Comedy Roman Holiday DVDF  Gregory Peck Audrey Hepburn 1953
Drama/Thriller Score, The DVD   Robert DeNiro Edward Norton 2001
Drama/Romance Sliding Doors DVD   Gwyneth Paltrow 1998
Drama/Mystery/Romance Somewhere in Time VHS   Christopher Reeves Jane Seymour 1980
Drama/Thriller/Mystery Spanish Prisoner, The DVDF  Campbell Scott Steve Martin 1997
Drama/Action/Thriller Tears of the Sun DVD   Bruce Willis Monica Belluci 2003
Drama/Romance/Comedy Terminal, The DVD   Tom Hanks Catherine Zeta-Jones 2004
Drama/Romance Titanic VHS   Leonardo DiCaprio Kate Winslet 1997
Drama/Thriller Training Day DVD   Denzel Washington Ethan Hawke 2001
Drama/Family Whale Rider DVD   Keisha Castle-Hughes 2002
Drama White Nights VHS   Mikhail Baryshnikov Gregory Hines 1985
Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller Wicker Park DVD   Josh Hartnett Rose Byrne 2004
Drama/Romance/Thriller Witness TiVo  Harrison Ford Kelly McGillis 1985
Drama/Horror Wolf VHS   Jack Nicholson Michelle Pfeiffer 1994

Family/Adventure/Comedy George of the Jungle VHS   Brendab Fraser Leslie Mann 1997

Fantasy/Drama Field of Dreams VHS   Kevin Costner Amy Madigan 1989
Fantasy/Mystery/Romance/Drama Meet Joe Black DVD   Brad Pitt Anthony Hopkins 1998

Horror/Thriller/Action/Sci-Fi AVP: Alien vs. Predator DVD   Sanaa Lathan Raoul Bova 2004
Horror/Thriller Halloween DVDF  Donald Pleasence Jamie Lee Curtis 1978
Horror/Sci-Fi/Adventure/Thriller Jurassic Park III DVD   Sam Neill William H. Macy 2001

Musical/Drama/Family Fiddler on the Roof DVD   Topol Norma Crane 1971
Musical/Comedy/Family/Adventure King and I, The DVD   Deborah Kerr Yul Brynner 1956
Musical/Romance/Drama West Side Story DVD   Natalie Wood Richard Beymer 1961

Mystery/Sci-Fi/Thriller/Adventure 2001, A Space Odyssey DVD   Keir Dullea Gary Lockwood 1968
Mystery/Sci-Fi/Thriller 2010 DVD   Roy Scheider John Lithgow 1984
Mystery/Thriller/Adventure Game, The DVD   Michael Douglas Deborah Unger 1997
Mystery/Romance/Thriller To Catch a Thief DVD   Cary Grant Grace Kelly 1955
Mystery/Thriller Truth About Charlie, The DVD   Mark Wahlberg Thandie Newton 2002

Romance/Thriller/Drama Enigma DVDF  Dougray Scott Kate Winslet 2001
Romance/Fantasy/Comedy Kate & Leopold DVD   Meg Ryan Hugh Jackman 2001
Romance/Drama/Comedy Mississippi Masala DVDF  Denzel Washington Sarita Choudhury 1991
Romance/Thriller/Comedy/Crime Thomas Crown Affair, The DVD   Pierce Brosnan Rene Russo 1999

Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller Godzilla VHS   Matthew Broderick Jean Reno 1998
Sci-Fi/Comedy Life of Brian DVD   Graham Chapman John Cleese 1979
Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller Matrix Reloaded DVD   Keanu Reeves Laurence Fishburne 2003
Sci-Fi/Thriller/Action Paycheck DVDF  Ben Affleck Uma Thurman 2003
Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller Red Planet DVD   Val Kilmer Carrie-Anne Moss 2000
Sci-Fi/Adventure Star Trek: The Motion Picture TiVo  William Shatner Leonard Nimoy 1979
Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure Star Wars VHS   Harrison Ford Mark Hamill 1977
Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller Terminator 2: Judgment Day DVD   Arnold Schwarzenegger Linda Hamilton 1991
Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines DVD   Arnold Schwarzenegger Kristanna Loken 2003

Thriller Perfect Murder, A DVD   Michael Douglas Gwyneth Paltrow 1998
Thriller Recruit, The DVD   Al Pacino Colin Farrell 2003
Thriller/Drama/Fantasy Unbreakable DVDF  Bruce Willis Samuel L. Jackson 2000
Thriller/Mystery/Crime Usual Suspects, The DVDF  Kevin Spacey Gabriel Byrne 1995
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