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I love to do astrological profiles for people--I'm always impressed with how insightful they are, and so are most of the people who have them done.  If you want your own personal astrological profile, email me your Name and Date of Birth.  I'm a Scorpio, and here's my astrological profile.

People often ask me how I do them?!   About five years ago, I got the mathematical formulas for calculating planetary positions, typically used for star-gazing and determining where the planets should appear in the sky.  I wrote a program that takes a birthdate, calculates the positions, and then looks up the appropriate interpretations that I typed in from various books.

These types of profiles are called natal charts, based on the time (day) of birth, and reveal your inner personality traits and trends.   Another branch of astrology is called transits, which is a more detailed version of your horoscope.  It takes current planetary positions and compare them with natal positions and tell you whether that cloud you're under today has a silver lining or not! :)

To read a little bit about your sign...
Fire Signs:   Aries, Mar 21 - Apr 19   Leo, Jul 23 - Aug 22   Sagittarius, Nov 23 - Dec 21
Earth Signs:   Taurus, Apr 20 - May 20   Virgo, Aug 23 - Sep 22   Capricorn, Dec 22 - Jan 20
Air Signs:   Gemini, May 21 - Jun 21   Libra, Sep 23 - Oct 23   Aquarius, Jan 21 - Feb 18
Water Signs:   Cancer, Jun 22 - Jul 22   Scorpio, Oct 24 - Nov 22   Pisces, Feb 19 - Mar 20

If your birthday falls on the last or first day of a sign, depending on the time of birth, you may be the other sign than you thought!  Only a precise calculation can determine which one you are for sure, but you will still probably exhibit traits from both signs.

Another type of profile is a composite chart that reveals the traits inherent in the entity that is the relationship between two people.   The next step I took was to have my program run through a range of birthdates, evaluating what kind of pairing each would be with me!   That's how I determined the "best matches" for me.  These composite charts have never failed me, and, after several years of observation, I just can't ignore their admonitions about a potential relationship.