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My time is spent in three main areas: my work, my children, and all the pleasures of life!  I'm a software consultant, paid by the hour, and I tend to work 40-50 hours a week, but I also absolutely love the flexibility to take a day or week off out of season to do something fun--I hate crowds!  I take as many trips as possible, depending on who I have in my life at the time.  Sometimes, I'm "in-between" projects, like this last month of August, but now I'm doing several projects, and I always end up with 2250 hours at the end of the year.   One interesting side effect of being paid by the hour is that I tend to pay other people to take care of the less fun chores in life, like house cleaning and taking care of the yard etc.  I'd love to have a house-keeper someday to really take care of everything!  and I really don't mean a house-wife!!  No, I want a partner to share with me these same three areas: business, children, and adventure!  and leave the mundane stuff to someone else.

I see my kids every few evenings, after school before bedtime.  We do whatever, like play miniature golf, see a movie, play (they love to wrestle!), and make things.   I also have them every other weekend, from Friday to Sunday evening.   My boys are adorable, ages 15 & 17: Jonathon and Benjamin.  Jonathon's in 8th grade/middle school, and Benjamin is now in 11th grade and driving!  I'm looking for a partner to share in the part-time raising of my children.  Firstly, just because two boys are a lot to handle! and I really could use an extra hand to be able to take them traveling, like to Disney World.  I also want them to experience a healthy, loving role-model for an adult relationship.  I know it's asking a lot of someone to "adopt" someone else's kids.  Of course, mine are irresistible :) but I also really appreciate my not having them full-time, and the right person will recognize this opportunity as being able to have the best of both worlds.

Now for the rest of my time!  Work and children are the only "routine" I have, and children are an unwavering commitment that will keep me in the area for another 4 years (I'd love to have the chance to live some other places).  You might be able to tell from the rest of my home page that I love to do all sorts of things, from serious adventure to the peaceful passing of time, but mostly I like to explore, which often means day trips, meandering, window shopping, museums, fairs--you name it!  I don't have any regular activities, like jogging--I like to do too many things to only do just one!   About the only things I don't do (yet) are antiquing, gardening, and reading, although I'm sure I'll start picking up all of those too over the years.  I'm looking for someone with the same breadth of interests to share everything with.   One thing I think would be neat to do in my next relationship is to regularly take turns choosing something to do and the other has to go along!   It could be something you really want to do and the other might not be so crazy about, or something you want to do special for the other one.  I think it promises to keep things interesting and alive, and avoid getting into a rut.