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Off to LV! bright and early Sunday morning

The entrance to the Luxor is through the Sphinx (of course)

Inside the pyramid, it's all open...

all the way up to the apex

Checked in and ready to go!

around back

the swimming pool

which was heated (thank goodness)
Inside there were moving walkways over to the Excalibur (next door)
First thing Monday morning we were off to the Hoover Dam. It's 1200 feet down there!

Intake tubes that drive the...

generators deep inside.


which goes down a big whole and through the mountain

Mountain goats spotted along the way

Next was New York,...

The Statue of Liberty,...
and the MGM Grand with its lions note two adorable boys right behind the glass

At Circus Circus, the indoor Pleasuredome had a bungee trampoline



The view from atop...

The Stratosphere

The Mirage

had a bubbling volcano

that exploded every 15 minutes!

and set the waters afire

(back to normal)
Inside they had a lame white tiger exhibit (compared to the MGM lions)

and Treasure Island had an awesome pirate fight!
(remains of British ship seen here)

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