Sun:17Sco37 (227 36'50") 15:10:27 -  8th house
Moo:25Pis58 (355 57'45") 23:43:51 -  1st house - Intercepted
Mer: 9Sag09 (249 09'15") 16:36:37 -  9th house
Ven: 1Lib00 (181 00'03") 12:04:00 -  7th house
Mar:13Sco55 (223 54'50") 14:55:39 -  8th house
Jup: 7Sag19 (247 18'36") 16:29:14 -  9th house
Sat: 3Cap50 (273 49'45") 18:15:19 - 10th house
Ura:20Leo57 (140 56'31")  9:23:46 -  5th house - Chart ruler
Nep: 7Sco06 (217 06'15") 14:28:25 -  8th house
Plu: 6Vir06 (156 05'40") 10:24:23 -  6th house
Asc:28Aqu48 (328 48'03") 21:55:12
Mid:12Sag28 (252 28'01") 16:49:52

The chart ruler, Uranus, is in the 5th house: Self-expression through
love, creativity or children is one of your needs as well as fun, games
and romance in many forms.

House Cusps:
 1: 28Aqu48 (328 48'03") 21:55:12- Aquarius rising
 2:  0Ari19 (  0 19'09")  0:01:17
 3:  4Tau52 ( 34 52'29")  2:19:30
 4: 12Gem28 ( 72 28'01")  4:49:52
 5: 20Can07 (110 07'17")  7:20:29
 6: 24Leo43 (144 42'51")  9:38:51
 7: 26Vir15 (176 14'42") 11:44:59
 8: 24Lib43 (204 42'51") 13:38:51
 9: 20Sco07 (230 07'17") 15:20:29
10: 12Sag28 (252 28'01") 16:49:52
11:  4Cap52 (274 52'29") 18:19:30
12:  0Aqu19 (300 19'09") 20:01:17

4 planets in Fire  signs: Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Midheaven
2 planets in Earth signs: Saturn, Pluto
2 planets in Air   signs: Venus, Ascendant
4 planets in Water signs: Sun, Moon, Mars, Neptune

2 planets in Cardinal signs: Venus, Saturn
5 planets in Fixed    signs: Sun, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Ascendant
5 planets in Mutable  signs: Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, Midheaven

The Sun represents your inner self, your personality, and your ego.

Sun in Scorpio
keyword is "probing"; Determined, aggressive and shrewd, you are rarely passive or neutral about anything. Deep, often quite secretive and reserved, you are at times jealous, resentful and even vengeful. Your recuperative powers are remarkable. You are a truth-seeker; you have keen judgment and penetrating insight, and these qualities enable you to exercise a great deal of authority over others. Science, medicine or any field of intrigue are right up your alley. Willpower and persistence are your strong points, and although you are somewhat reticent, when prodded you can become outspoken and direct.

Of all the Sun signs, Scorpio is most closely identified with sexuality. You feel life intensely and need to express your passions in all that you do. In a love relationship you want all or nothing, and you are quick to let a partner know there is no middle ground. Your basic drive for power is most clearly seen through your ability to manipulate others in less than obvious ways. You will be very tempted to use your sexual magnetism to gain material or psychological advantage over your lover. For this reason you may attract less sophisticated partners whose naiveté allows you to be in command. But you will soon tire of that game and look for something that is more meaningful on a long-term basis. You usually are very clear about what you desire, and you know it is worth waiting a long time to get what will satisfy you. This can make you seem quite cold to those who want to get to know you but don't understand your secretive nature. You might explain to those people that you simply need to be alone. This small courtesy will win you much support from others, who may be able to help you. As you mature, your interests will become more fervent in any area that you focus on. You tend to immerse yourself in an activity or an affair, then you are changed by it and finally become completely detached from it.

Sun in the 8th house
keyword is "regenerative; This is a very political placement"; you are able to attract the support of other people. You may have an inheritance, a legacy, or perhaps you manage other people's money. You are very creative, and sex is important to you. Intent on self-improvement, you can be interested in occult fields and in issues of life after death. You might have difficulties in your early life, linked somehow to your father. With challenging aspects, you could have financial trouble either through mismanagement or an extravagant partner. The Sun in the eighth house takes on many overtones of the Sun in Scorpio.

This position gives sexuality a very physical form and makes tangible intimacy very important to you. Words are no substitute for a touch, you feel, and you learn more about your partner in a brief embrace than in a length conversation. Every breath and movement has a connotation, and you should rely on your gut-level feelings about a relationship rather than on intellectual observations. Because of your talent for intuition, you may have considerable subliminal power over others, so that you can control them without their knowledge. You must always be careful to use this "animal magnetism," which may be more or less psychic, in ways that do not take undue advantage of your partner or that get you into needless power games. If you feel inclined to control your partner too much, bring it into the open and express it perhaps in more unusual bedroom play. In that way it can bring joy and benefit to both of you. Control should be exercised in a relationship only if both partners are aware of what's happening and willing. You may be attracted to a lover who is considerably older or younger than yourself, a situation in which one partner is a good deal more experienced and teaches the other. Such an affair can be particularly rewarding and often more intense than any other kind, as long as each person retains individual integrity and equality. But no matter who you are involved with, intensity is your key word.

Sun Conjunct Mars Orb = 3.70 (0+7 - 47%)
Hard-working and self-assertive, you have willpower and drive. This is a beneficial aspect because the power of the Sun is expressed through the energy and action of Mars in both the house these planets are in and the houses they rule. You are quick tempered but just as quick to forget. You are enterprising, dramatic and competitive, with strong leadership ability. You do not shy away from danger.

You have great energy, and when you launch yourself into an activity, you do so with a great deal of physical energy. So when you are involved in a love relationship, you make large commitment of effort, at least as others see it. However it may be a good idea to bank your fires a bit for several reasons: first, to avoid running out of energy in an affair by using it all at the beginning and, second, to avoid imbalancing the relationship if your lover cannot match your physical intensity. At the same time, your lover will be able to lean on your for support; when both of you are under stress, you can endure and go the extra mile. This ability will be improved if you attempt to regulate your flow of energy and avoid the temptation to use all your energy at once. Along this same line, you may be rather impulsive in love as well as in other areas. Although this trait may work against you at times, particularly in financial affairs, in love it will give you an unusual and special enthusiasm and spontaneity, which your partner will surely cherish, because you can throw yourself wholeheartedly into love at a moment's notice.

Sun Square Uranus Orb = 3.33 (90+7 - 52%)
You are impulsive, rash, eccentric and sometimes unprincipled. You go your own way and do your own thing without much regard for what others think or feel. You are original but impractical, and this aspect often gives you tremendous personal magnetism. Nervous and accident-prone, you seem to attract upsetting conditions and events.

Your patterns of desire may be somewhat erratic, and your sexual interests and style may fluctuate considerably. Because of this characteristic, you may have timing problems with a partner who isn't on the same wavelength at the same time. It is a good idea to be as adaptable as possible and to follow your lover's lead if there is any confusion, for it will not be as easy for him or her to follow you. In any case, you should have a rather flexible lover who can match your style and intensity at any level. Although you may tend to rush headlong into an affair that looks good, make a point of stepping back and investigating where you're going before making a final commitment. Decisions made in haste are more likely to work against you than those that are well-thought-out, so you should be very cautious. Inspiration and original ideas in sexuality come to most people in flashes beyond their control. You, on the other hand, can take control of this function through work and exploration and devise new directions that will be quite successful when you try them out. This will require considerable effort and study of sexuality, however. You must know the subject thoroughly before you can exercise your creativity and express your energies with evenness and control.

The Moon represents the emotions, the instincts, and the feminine principle.

Moon in Pisces
keyword is "emotionally instinctive"; You are very responsive to the depths of human experience, and you have understanding and affection for all people. You are emotionally naive and continually overlook people's shortcomings and deficiencies. However, you can be easily hurt, and you tend to cry or feel sorry for yourself at the drop of a hat. You don't like to face facts coldly and objectively, and your relationships will suffer because your feelings are so sensitive. At times you may lack humor and common sense, and you can be like the proverbial Russian who loves to be sad. Your senses can deceive you because of your over-developed romanticism and optimism; you wear the original rose-colored glasses. Because you want to believe the best about everything, truth and reality upset you. You usually have musical, poetic and artistic talent. Depending on the aspects, this can be the worst or best position for the Moon. If favorable, it gives true vision; otherwise, it can cause total illusion or disillusion. You are quest, retiring, amiable and sympathetic to the underdog. You are gentle, at times easygoing, unworldly and dreamy. You change you mind often; thus you can be undependable, easily discouraged and depressed.

Your emotions are very intense and finely tuned, and you can usually see in to the heart of an affair more quickly than your partner. But your flashes of insight are not steady. You are likely to have considerable mood swings and changes of heart within a relationship until it has settled for a long period. Only time can give your affairs more concrete definition. For that reason, you should find a lover who is more stable than you. Such a partner will see through to the real you underneath and won't be thrown off by your seeming inconsistencies. Because you are more concerned with a lover's internal values than with their external expression, others may think that your friends and lovers don't match your style. But you are hardly aware of any inconsistency, because you see directly to a person's heart, ignoring external trappings, which few others can do. Concerning physical matters, you are likely to be rather impractical. It would be good to have a partner who can handle the bothersome petty details of existence so that you can then attend to the more meaningful issues in life without being distracted. Under such circumstances, you can transform love into a clear, pure vehicle for personal understanding and revelation, both for you and for your lover.

Moon in the 1st house
keyword is "environmental"; You are emotional, sensitive and changeable, and everything depends on how you feel; you tend to be moody. You can be successful with the public once you overcome your basic timidity. Your need for recognition makes you eager to please, and resentful if you feel that your efforts are not appreciated. You have close maternal ties, and if the Moon is conjunct the Ascendant, it may give a mother complex. Your imagination is strong, and you are very sensitive to your surroundings. You are physically active, and if your Moon is in a cardinal or mutable sign, it can cause restlessness.

Your emotional state plays a prominent role in your decisions, and you respond strongly and quickly to the moods of those around you. Others see this quality not as aggressiveness but as sensitivity, for you are always the first to sense what someone else is feeling. You are usually on top of any social situation and probably have the first choice of interesting or important partners in any group. This is a valuable attribute, but try to restrain yourself a bit, because others may think of you as too forward if you are always the first one in line. It is important to move within a social framework, for that offers the best opportunities for your voluble style of self-expression. Being stuck with one or two people for a long time may dull your sensitivity and cramp your style. You have the ability to make up your mind very quickly in emotional affairs, and you choose the partner you prefer without hesitation. But it is wise to learn as much in advance as possible about your potential partners in order to avoid a too-hasty decision. If you can occasionally stand back and look at yourself as others see you, you will be able to make emotional decisions on a surer footing, which will lead to longer-lasting, more trouble-free relationships. For you, a personal involvement is always very high-keyed, even if brief. If it can't be intense, you don't want it. Although this is physically very enjoyable, it may mislead a lover into believing that your relationship is permanent when you consider it transitory. You should make your attitude clear from the outset so that your partner knows where s/he stands.

Moon Opposite Venus Orb = 5.04 (180+7 - 28%)
This often shows sorrow through the affections or a carelessness with them. Your parents object to your partner, or you experience a lack of domestic harmony. You are moody, gullible and overindulgent. Often you have a strong urge to be in the spotlight, as a compensation for your sense of inferiority. In a woman's chart, there may be periodic ill health and/or divorce.

You may not be inclined to blend emotional and physical love, so that you get involved with a partner who provides one or the other but not both. This can mean that you keep your close friends separate from your lovers, and if a partner must be both, as in a marriage, you may have some long-range difficulties. This problem may stem in part from social attitudes that you learned as a child, in which sex was separate from "real" love. That sort of belief is a holdover from our Puritan past, when sex was considered a necessary evil, not to be confused with pure love and affection. A good way to get over the problems that result from such attitudes is to give yourself a good education in modern sexual mores. The many available sex manuals and therapy programs can go along way to alleviate the problems that may come up. in the bedroom you can indulge in some role-playing in which your partner is cloaked as a stranger, which can heighten lovemaking. Various scenarios of this type may provide some exciting experiences in loving, bring you and your partner closer, both emotionally and sexually. By looking at sex as an exciting journey of exploration with a friend, you both will derive maximum enjoyment from the experience.

Moon intercepted indicates emotional intensification. Feeling is accentuated but there may be a problem in communicating and at times even a speech impediment (though other factors would be needed to confirm this). There is some withdrawal at the emotional level and feelings of rejection are intensified. When this person does communicate emotionally, he can be very effective and others will listen.

Mercury represents your reasoning ability, your mind, and the way you communicate.

Mercury in Sagittarius
keyword is "independent"; You are sincere and have a great sense of dry humor. Impulsive, you often speak without considering the consequences. You have intuitive flashes of truth, but, due to an overabundance of interests, you are apt to scatter your mental forces. Your mind does not need sharpening, only directing. Generous, progressive and honest, you hate to deceive anyone. Because you are concerned with attitudes more than with facts, you are interested in higher education, philosophy and religion. You relish intellectual status, tend to be a non-stop talker and love travel of any kind.

You look upon sex as a very natural function, so it is not likely to be a source of great worry or anxiety to you. At the same time, it may not be a highly motivating force, either. To you, sex is just one of many areas of enjoyment and communication between partners, neither more nor less important than other forms of personal interchange. But when you get down to making love, you do it with gusto and abandon. Even though you aren't considered a swinger, you approach the sexual experience in a much more open fashion than most people, for you see no reason to be self-conscious. Thus sex outdoors or in other natural settings, which is too challenging or inhibiting to some, is easy and enjoyable for you. And even if you haven't the opportunity to actually do this, it is something to contemplate pleasurably. Your open attitude can make loving much easier by helping to break down the inhibitions of a lover who is willing but not quite ready to stray from the sexual straight-and-narrow. You may sometimes be a sexual teacher, not verbally, but by example and by understanding. In your actual lovemaking, do not suppress the impulse to express yourself vigorously and vocally. It's bound to add to the excitement and should be toned down only in too-close quarters with easily upset neighbors.

Mercury in the 9th house
keyword is "education-conscious"; You are earnest and religious though with difficult aspects you could be a doubter. You are interested in higher education, philosophy, foreign countries and foreign cultures. You love to travel, and it is easy to learn languages. You would do well in propaganda or advertising; this position is also good for teachers, professors, historians and anthropologists. You can be very intuitive, even visionary. With challenging aspects, you might be too dogmatic, headstrong or rash, and you might change your point of view too often. You may have problems with your in-laws, and it is better to live away from them.

You may find great personal satisfaction and fulfillment in sexual role-playing, acting out little dramas in which you and your partner adopt certain attitudes and then play them out to see the results. This should not be done in a static way; the roles should shift from time to time so that each player gets to play the game of love from every angle. Essentially, you are able to look upon love as an adventure, an exploration in the endless realm of pleasurable possibilities, given the right motivation and opportunity. Whether your inclination is to have one partner or many, you thrive best in an active situation with a great variety of sexual experience, both physical and emotional. You are not likely to get bogged down in repeating the same experience over and over, so you should find a partner who prefers variety also. For you it is enough to taste and sample and then move on to other delights; you feel no need to make a pig of yourself. Thus your lover does not serve as a source of security for you, but as an emotional traveling companion with whom to share the good times and weather the storms. As time goes on, you will savor remembrances of past adventures with your lover while sitting cozily, and more safely, in front of a glowing fire.

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter Orb = 1.84 (0+7 - 74%)
You think big and are insatiably curious. You are enthusiastic, interested in many fields and prone to exaggerate. Your intelligence is above average. Kind and optimistic, you have great verbal ability. Although you command respect, you need to develop self-discipline. This conjunction emphasizes education, history and public relations work.

You are a person who finds great creativity in the realm of ideas. In love, therefore, you are quite inventive, overflowing with thoughts about how to make loving better and more interesting. Many of these ideas may be best expressed verbally, so you would be happy with a lover who appreciates not only the practical side of sexuality but its more imaginative mental side as well. Together, you can dream up and carry out expansive fantasy scenarios. It would be good to have a lover who can fill in the details, because your abundant ideas are likely to need refining if they are to work out well. Try not to go overboard in verbal expression, however, because it would be better to be considered a creative thinker than to be a windbag. Therefore, wait 'til your inspirations are full-blown before you discuss them; otherwise you may find that people have lost interest by the time the creation is complete. Also you have quite a flair for the dramatic, so your brainstorms appear to be born fully formed, and your erotic fantasies, in particular, have great impact because they are presented whole and fully developed.

Mercury Square Pluto Orb = 3.06 (90+7 - 56%)
Your speech is incisive, you tell it like it is, but you can also exhibit fantastic tact and diplomacy. You like to convert others to your ideas. You rarely show a happy mental balance; you swing from blind zeal and devotion to pessimism, nagging and quarreling. You take unnecessary risks. You would be good at research, crime detection, medicine or psychology. This aspect is good for new modes of expression in any field.

You must avoid the temptation to argue with your lover, no matter how convinced you are that you are right and your partner is wrong. Instead, make a great effort to allow each other the right of your own opinions. In that way you will avoid many potential pitfalls in your relationship. There are many ways to do this and still maintain a functional relationship. One way is to divide the responsibilities, so that you each know who is responsible for what. Otherwise, there will be confusion about who is to blame when things go wrong. This approach will clarify the facts at issue, so that they are not subject to debate. Then, just be sure to avoid saying, "I told you so," a statement that asks for retaliation. You'll find that your affair will go much more smoothly. In time you will overcome the temptation to argue. That will enable you to know when you are wrong and to forgive your partner's errors. Most important, you will have an increasingly clear perspective on reality and more effective control over your ideas. Experience will teach you to use demonstrable reality as your most effective argument, which will eliminate the need for wasted words and emotions and will enhance your partner's respect for you.

Mercury Conjunct Midheaven Orb = 3.31 (0+7 - 52%)
Mercury conjunct Midheaven natives' sense of ego develops in direct proportion to their ability to communicate their thoughts and ideas to the world at large. A natural actor, teacher or politician, unless Mercury has very challenging aspects, it is easy for you to stand up and make yourself heard. Mentally attuned to the public and its needs, you naturally do well in any field that involves communicating your ideas and opinions. Unless Mercury is in one of the Earth signs, you must learn to cultivate stick-to-it-iveness or with your mercurial approach to so many subjects you may come across as shallow and vacillating. Often there is a pronounced sense of humor that you have a need to share with others.

Venus represents affection, your sense of values, and your social urges.

Venus in Libra
keyword is "compatible"; Harmony, marriage and all social relationships are extremely important. You enjoy companionship and like to please others. Quite fair in your judgments, you have high standards of social behavior. You love beauty, luxury and intellectual stimulation, and you entertain well. Discord and loud noises can make you nervous, since your sense of hearing is well developed. Although you are not money-oriented, you appreciate what money can buy. Your talents are many, but music, public performance, painting and sculpture are particularly suited to your temperament. You are attractive to and attracted by the opposite sex; in fact you are in love with love. You can easily be hurt, but you rarely carry a grudge. Gracious and appreciative, you are eternally young at heart.

You may be quite attracted to somewhat unsettled relationships, which is natural with this position. A quiet, uneventful affair is boring to you, for it is continual change and growth that keep you interested and creative in a love relationship. You insist that you and your lover be equal, not in a static equilibrium, but rather in continuing readjustment that keeps both partners on an even basis. Reversing sex-typed roles from time to time can be very helpful by giving each of you a view from the other side. This tends to break down ingrained and often subconscious sex barriers that can get in the way of a creative, flowing relationship. You particularly admire physical beauty in a lover, but do not let a person's appearance blind you to the beauty, or lack of it, hi his or her soul. Let your judgment of beautiful form be more than skin deep. In the long run, you will be most satisfied with an all-around lover whose accomplishments and qualities are not just physical but extend in many directions. This partner's experience in love can be the foundation for a very broad-based love relationship. Thus, although youth and beauty may appeal to you most at first, you are more likely to be fulfilled by an experienced and mature partner your age or older.

Venus in the 7th house
keyword is "harmonious"; Able to create harmonious surroundings, you will be happy in your marriage. Popular with the public at large, your business partnerships run smoothly. With your legal mind you can expect success in matters dealing with the law. You have a loving nature; if you do not get married it will be by your choice, not because of lack of opportunity. You have many social graces and find it easy to get along with all kinds of people. With difficult aspects, you may tend to build up resentments. This could even lead to a persecution complex.

Your enjoyment of love is very dependent upon your partner's enjoyment. You don't get very much pleasure from sex if your lover is uncomfortable or physically dissatisfied with what is going on. As a result, you are a particularly considerate lover, because one of your primary concerns is to see that your partner has a good time in order that you can too--what you might call a policy of enlightened self-interest. For the same reason, you usually adapt your sexual style and technique to your lover's preferences. That is fine up to a point, but don't neglect to let your partner know quite clearly the special techniques that please you. You are most stimulated by a lover who is really quite different from you in many respects, at least in personality. You aren't looking for someone who reinforces you so much as someone who fills out and complements your personality, thus broadening the scope of the relationship and making it more complex. A partner who is similar to you in style or experience may fail to hold your interest. However, be sure that you are an equal partner in any relationship and do not let anyone exploit your need for a lover by giving you less than you deserve.

Venus Square Saturn Orb = 2.83 (90+7 - 59%)
Chronically discontented; you often sacrifice happiness for duty. Shy, sensitive and stiff with your emotions, others many find you cold. You tend to be on the defensive, and you fear rejection and lack of acceptance. You may have problems with your parents and will do better after you leave their home. since it is difficult for you to express your true feelings, you will probably have to make many concessions in life. You should delay marriage until after age twenty-eight because you may be unhappy if you marry too young. Your big lesson is to learn to relate to others.

You must do everything possible to avoid being pulled into destructive relationships of your own making. However, it is sometimes difficult for you, both physically and emotionally, to avoid them. You tend to identify love with pain, and thus you may pull a relationship into an unpleasant downward spiral, which nevertheless has certain erotic overtones. This difficulty can be avoided in part by approaching a relationship more realistically. Your expectations of an affair tend to be so high that you can't possibly live up to them, and therefore you automatically experience failure and disappointment. Then you decide that you can never get what you want from an affair, which usually turns out to be a self-fulfilling prediction. Instead, take love as it comes and enjoy it for what it is at the moment, without making any judgments, if possible. By taking this approach, you may be happily surprised to find that the affair turns out better than you expected. Not expecting anything from an affair is not the same as expecting nothing from it, however. Expecting nothing means that you probably will get nothing, while not expecting anything means that your hopes are nonspecific. By taking this view, you can gain fulfillment from a variety of results without limiting your enjoyment.

Venus Inconjunct Ascendant Orb = 2.20 (150+5 - 56%)
This seems to give grace, agility, and an ease of movement that serves them well in any sporting endeavors. You may have an indulgent parent if Venus square from the 4th or 10th house. If it opposes from the 6th, or if it inconjuncts, there may be health problems centering in the kidney area or excessive weight could present a challenge. You make a good impression on others and are at your best working with people. You tend to win others over by turning on the charm, yet this isn't really necessary since when you are your natural self, people are drawn to you like a magnet. Partnership is important to you, and unless Venus has very challenging aspects, marriage should prove happy and rewarding. You tend to attract people to you who want to take care of you, and if improperly used, these aspects could make you too dependent upon others. Like all Venus aspects, this gives creative, artistic and musical talent.

Mars shows your sexual drive and where you expend your energy.

Mars in Scorpio
keyword is "explosive"; You are strong and self-disciplined. Self-reliant, efficient, dignified and intense, you seldom act until you know what is right for you. Idealistic, probing and set in your ways, you are very trustworthy and you expect the same from others. You lack adaptability and the power to relax. A planner and strategist without equal, you have an all-or-nothing attitude that makes compromise difficult. Sexually you are strong, powerful and secretive; if you misdirect this drive you can become intensely jealous.

Your energies tend to be rather muffled and smoldering, in that you harbor desire for a long time before allowing it to break out, and then it is very intense. For this reason, your lover may not be truly aware of the nature or extent of your needs, which when revealed may surprise or overwhelm him or her. It is wise to express yourself verbally beforehand so that your partner is prepared. Because of this rather dominating high energy, you often rule a relationship, directly or indirectly, particularly in its physical aspects. To you, sex is a kind of mutual self-immolation, which you sometimes lead your lover into without warning. You need a partner who is open to sexual adventure and self-abandonment, someone who can experience your kind of sexuality. You may rely particularly on the physical and organic aspects of sex for relaying cues of affection to a lover, and therefore you should avoid sexually conservative types unless you relish continually shocking your partner. True communication takes a while for you to develop, but once established, the ties are very deep and not easily broken.

Mars in the 8th house
keyword is "fervent"; You are lusty, earthy and sensual, and your sex life is very important to you. It is often necessary for you to deal with other people's money, sometimes in a public capacity. You are interested in psychic matters and life after death, and may do research in these fields. This is a good position for politicians, surgeons, investigators, psychologists and psychiatrists. You flirt with and are comfortable with the idea of death, and your demise will probably be sudden. If Mars is aspected by Neptune you should avoid involvement with psychic phenomena.

You like to maintain a certain air of mystery concerning your style and motivation in sexuality, which can add both power and attraction to your image as others see it. But don't get so lazy that you let those same motivations remain a mystery to yourself. In order to stay in control of your sometimes complex and subterranean inner forces, you must make a particular effort to explore them and reach an effective level of self-understanding. Sexual activity has a very invigorating effect on your constitution. You should avoid length periods of abstinence, for that tends to tie up your mental and physical energies so that they work against each other, leaving you at less than peak capacity physically. This need is quite physical, and although you have considerable ability to sublimate sexuality into other areas, too much sublimation will physically drain you and emotionally tie you in knots. Because of your own makeup, you are rather good at unraveling the tangled skeins of others' personal lives. In a love affairs you can pursue seemingly well-hidden motives that reveal your lover' s special needs, and then satisfy them. Indeed, you may have a certain mystic or psychic flair for sexual technique, which you use as s tool for delving deep into your lover's buried sexual and emotional desires.

Mars Conjunct Neptune Orb = 6.81 (0+7 - 2%) - This is a very weak aspect and may hardly be apparent at all
Mars conjunct Neptune natives are imaginative, emotional and sensation-loving; they must learn to sublimate their feelings. Their enthusiasm, while boundless, is not always controlled; they often feel that they are above the common law. They may have a drug or drinking problem if either Cancer or the 12th house is involved. They are magnetic and can be psychic. If they are strongly motivated they can be a crusader. With difficult aspects they must be careful in romantic affairs; they may be subject to treachery. This aspect creates steam and energy; they need an escape valve.

Jupiter represents the principle of expansion and shows possible types of growth and expansion.

Jupiter in Sagittarius
keyword is "temperate"; You are able to sense opportunity and act. Because you are sociable, you need to be among people, and you like youngsters and animals. You enjoy making life brighter for others. You are usually a director or manager, rarely subordinate, and you are farsighted and often a deep thinker. Fond of luxury, you can spend money on a whim. Optimistic and outgoing, you are drawn to the outdoors, religion and sports.

You are at your best when sexuality is relaxed and open, not beset by restrictions or confining demands. You find that a detailed scenario drains your sexual energies by drawing your attention to performance rather than enjoyment. A new affair usually starts out robustly without artful technique or subtlety. You require plenty of good spirit and the assurance of warmth and friendship between you and your lover. Later you can develop different approaches to physical love, which you both may enjoy, but first you want to commit yourself to comradeship. You are happiest with a partner who appreciates honesty, as your direct attitude may unintentionally hurt someone who is more inhibited and sensitive. In that case, you should be more restrained or find a partner who communicates more directly. Once involved in a relationship, you should make an extra effort to become aware of your lover's specific needs and faithfully fulfill them, even if they seem puzzling or superfluous at times. Although some of your lover's pleasures may not particularly excite you, mutual consideration is essential in building a stable and loving relationship.

Jupiter in the 9th house
keyword is "orthodox"; You are faithful, tolerant, devoted, aspiring and interested in religion and philosophy. You enjoy life abroad, get along well with foreigners and definitely should travel. Higher education is a must, and you have a flair for languages, writing and publishing as well as lecturing and public speaking. Your faults are arrogance and a love of display, but Jupiter here usually works in a positive way.

You look upon a new love as a special adventure, and you are not satisfied with a humdrum affair. You may have to go pretty far to find the partner who pleases you most; the chances are it's not the girl or boy next door, unless your neighbor is an adventurer like yourself. You are drawn to new and original concepts of love, unique ways of looking at your lover and your relationship. Over the years you may evolve a number of radically different styles of loving, each of which is especially gratifying at the time. You are not one to be tied down in a static situation, at least in style. Even if you continue indefinitely with a single partner, there will be considerable changes within that one relationship. On the other hand, you may change partners periodically. Your partings are not usually difficult or bitter, however, and you harbor warm feelings for former lovers who have gone their own way. Generally you are the instigator of change and evolution within a relationship or the one who wants to move on to a new affair. This is an expression of your personal creativity in developing new modes of expression in love.

Jupiter Square Pluto Orb = 1.22 (90+7 - 83%) - This is a strong aspect
You rarely agree with accepted codes. You set yourself up as a law unto yourself, but then find it hard to accept the consequences. Dogmatic, exaggerating, and arrogant, you could be an adventurer or gambler. You seesaw between overconfidence and great self- doubt, and you must learn to profit from your experiences. Be scrupulously careful not to exploit others for your own benefit.

You should try to resist the temptation to seek change in a relationship just for the sake of change. When you see an area that seems to need major alterations, stop and take stock of the situation carefully before launching into a wholesale renovation. Frequently, through this kind of introspection you will learn that your motive for making changes is not necessity but your need to be in charge of the relationship. You should keep this motivation in check, because making needless changes will not keep you in a leading position for long. The ultimate result is likely to be a relationship that is torn asunder by too many drastic alterations. This is not to say that you should sit around and do nothing. Instead, any major changes, either sexual or emotional, in an affair, should be the result of mutual agreement and a plan worked out between you. Very often, the final direction will not be what you had originally thought, but by working on it together, you are much more likely to arrive at a satisfactory solution that will make you both happy in the long run. In this way, great changes can be made in a fairly short time without ill effect.

Jupiter Conjunct Midheaven Orb = 5.16 (0+7 - 26%)
Jupiter conjunct Midheaven natives come across as very moral and upstanding citizens. Your public image is important to you, and even though you are ambitious and want to get ahead, you will never jeopardize your standing in the community in order to do so. Religion may play a crucial role in your life, and your career will undoubtedly involve travel and sports. If Jupiter is in the 9th house, you may find teaching or the legal field an excellent outlet for your interest in law, order and ethics. If Jupiter is in the 10th house, your career will be aided by friends or a parent.

Saturn represents the learning principle.

Saturn in Capricorn
keyword is "organizing"; You are ambitious for power, prestige and authority. This is a good position for politics, business, science or any career that involves public acclaim. Since you are persistent, calculating, careful, practical and a good organizer you could easily fulfill your great need to achieve. You may appear cold and austere because you surround yourself with an aura of dignity. Able to accept orders from those above you, you expect the same from those below. You probably had to struggle in your early life to attain security. You are willing to work hard and feel that everyone should achieve through their own effort. With your good background, you value family, pride and honor. Depending on the aspects, you can achieve either a height of evolution and understanding or else the depth of materialism and selfishness. You tend to lack sensitivity and need to develop tolerance and a sense of humor. Your outlook is practical, serious and dutiful, but try to avoid becoming a lone wolf or being too rigid in your attitudes and beliefs. With challenging aspects, you may be unscrupulous in attaining your goals and lack confidence in yourself. You may also be selfish, dictatorial, lonely or overbearing. Physically you must take care of your bones and joints.

You handle your life in a steady, practical way, and you seldom let problems upset you too much. Instead, you methodically work to clear them up forthwith. Indeed, your ability to plan ahead helps you avoid many of the major obstacles in a relationship, because in building it you are careful to steer clear of such dangers. For this reason you can sustain a partner who is less stable than you. In fact such a lover is a stimulating challenge, for you enjoy serving as a bulwark to your lover in times of difficulty. Such a role can be a creative outlet for your talents as a friend and lover. You have enough patience to take the good with the bad and to create a workable long-term affair. You do not rush into an affair headlong just for involvement, preferring to wait for a partner with whom you can have a full and rewarding relationship. With the help of your lover, you should try to overcome your innate conservatism now and then, for that will bring added spark and excitement into the relationship.

Saturn in the 10th house
keyword is "proper"; You like, need and accept responsibility. Ambitious, demanding respect and determined to succeed, you have excellent business ability. You are also self-reliant, organized and persevering. Perhaps you lack a father image in your life, or maybe you had problems with one of your parents. You feel responsible toward your family and take on obligations unflinchingly. With difficult aspects, you may be arrogant and ruthless in achieving your aims. You may even suffer from a Napoleonic complex or lose your position through scandal.

You may tend to be quite modest about your abilities in love, but you shouldn't underestimate your capacity for affection. Your talents as a lover are considerable, but you tend to mask them with a certain formality, except with your most intimate partners. While you are young, this may work against you to some extent by giving you the reputation of being introverted. Although you will thus be spared some unwanted relationship, you will end up sitting on the sidelines when you would rather be actively participating in a relationship. On the other hand, you will be able to develop particularly strong and lasting ties with a lover, and as a result you will have considerably more control over your partner. This power is desirable if you use it strengthen the relationship, but watch out for any tendency to deny your partner needed freedom. You are a particularly persevering and devoted partner, and will spend much time and effort in developing and supporting a relationship, sometimes even setting aside your own interests. In that case, be aware of what you are doing, and don't unconsciously use your self-sacrifice to coerce your partner. Priorities in the relationship should be decided on by both of you so that they will further the growth of a solid, lasting partnership.

Saturn Sextile Neptune Orb = 3.28 (60+5 - 34%)
Saturn sextile Neptune natives' parents established good morals and ethics in their early years. They have much foresight and tactical ability. Because their sense of self-preservation is strong, they always protect their own interests. They are methodical, organized, imaginative, inspirational, business-like and able to take on a lot of responsibility. They are aware of their obligations and live up to them. They learn things through experience, are ambitious and don't like to be surpassed by others.

You probably have quite a good understanding of how far you can go in implementing your ideals in love and where you must accept reality without trying to change it. Because of this understanding, you do not have to suffer the heartache of crushed beliefs as much as others do. If possible, however, you cleave naturally and without strain to the standards you have set for yourself. For instance, instead of trying to force your beliefs on others, you are a living example of what you believe in, which draws the admiration of others. Probably you are not particularly interested in an overactive or tumultuous sex life, but will fall easily into a simple and satisfying style in which you can count on regular expression. In the long run, you will be most happy with a regular partner with whom you are familiar and comfortable, someone who knows your needs and desires well. Your love takes the form of physically demonstrated affection and friendship rather than flaming bodily passion. You use sexuality as a reliable and enjoyable means of communication rather than merely as an outlet for physical need or personal gratification. As a result, your sexual expression will stay at the same level of interest and ability well into old age.

Saturn Trine Pluto Orb = 2.27 (120+7 - 67%)
Saturn trine Pluto natives have a great tolerance of others; they are able to overcome many of the frustrations and limitations of other aspects. They are powerful, energetic and able to concentrate; their aims are realistic. They know and are able to objectively evaluate their own shortcomings. Because they can arouse enthusiasm in others, they can get much accomplished. Because their foundation is strong, they do not fear competition.

Uranus represents the freedom urge.

Uranus in Leo
keyword is "liberated"; New artistic expressions and a liberated approach to love are typical. You are sure of your ideas and stubbornly adhere to them. Your ego is prominent; you enjoy being unconventional and different and may have deep insights into humanity.

Uranus in the 5th house
keyword is "outré"; Romantic and attracted to the unusual, you will have many strange love affairs. Although you are fond of speculation and gambling, this is not the best placement for these activities. Your children may be unusual, you may have an illegitimate child or give a child up for adoption. Your excellent physical coordination is good for sports, and you are also very creative. You can be reckless, even foolhardy and may flaunt convention and disdain anything trite and ordinary. You always want to be the chief, never the Indian.

You are quite inventive and spontaneous in lovemaking and will be most compatible with an enthusiastic lover who is willing to try out new methods of enjoyment at any time. Your inventiveness may come and go, however, so your lover should not expect you to always be a source of amusement, but rather should be ready when the inspiration strikes. You may have a taste for more unusual forms of love, and you should not let an outmoded morality or a prudish partner hold you back from new experiences. Do consider, however, that your lover may simply be less interested in variations and not be as enthusiastic as you would like. Be sure to maintain a basic foundation of love communication so that affection does not get lost in complexities of technique. You appreciate physical beauty as much as anyone, but a lover's special emotional vibrations may be just as important as looks. When a lover creates a unique excitement that touches your own inventiveness, the main requirement for a relationship is met, especially for physical expression.

Neptune represents both the spiritual urge and the escapist urge; it represents your wish to fool yourself and your creative and intuitive capacity.

Neptune in Scorpio
keyword is "subtle"; You are investigative, magnetic, emotional and possessed of great regenerative powers. The intensity with which you attack anything leads to new approaches in painting, literature, religion, politics and all facets of life. If Neptune is afflicted, it may produce black magic, obsessions, treachery and peculiar sex practices, especially if you have challenging aspects to Venus or Mars.

Neptune in the 8th house
keyword is "soul-searching"; You are receptive, intuitive and possibly psychic. You may experience strange dreams, nightmares or insomnia. Your death may occur in your sleep or while you are under anesthesia. You may have an extravagant partner and all joint finances must be scrutinized. Be careful of hypnosis because you are too easily put under. This placement gives you a mysterious charisma that helps you to get support from others, therefore many politicians have this placement. Challenging aspects can lead to depression and easy addiction to drugs or alcohol. Whenever surgery is recommended, be sure to get a second or third medical opinion.

You appreciate an intense love affair that increases your self-understanding, shows you new aspects of yourself and unearths strong feelings. Indeed, unlocking internal mysteries in yourself and your partner may be very rewarding, but it should not be too relentless. If the affair is too tumultuous and intense, inner knowledge becomes a substitute for more simple, gentle loving. Satisfaction results from a blend of intense exploration and relaxed knowledge. You should always make an effort to be tender and understanding with your lover to soften the necessarily intense nature of your love. Otherwise, some feelings will certainly be bruised by the encounter. If you can be intuitive about your lover's feelings, you both can gain a deeper understanding of each other's strongest motivations without emotional injury. You will not be happy in a relationship that dodges honest feelings. In a long-term relationship, you and your partner will expend considerable effort to understand each other's innermost feelings and needs.

Neptune Sextile Pluto Orb = 1.01 (60+5 - 80%) - This is a strong aspect
This is a creative and artistic aspect. It also indicates fights against human injustice and changes in the court and legislative systems. This aspect can bring open government, freedom of expression and the positive use of mystical or occult talents. Negatively, it can indicate dropping out of society.

Pluto represents both the reforming and the destroying urges.

Pluto in Virgo
keyword is "technical development"; You are analytical, inventive, technical and a perfectionist. You have ability in medicine, psychiatry and business. You can also be puritanical and overly critical.

Pluto in the 6th house
keyword is "researching"; An extreme individualist, you are not afraid to stick your neck out to help others and are often engaged in the healing arts or nutrition. You may feel that you have a preordained mission in life. You have a deep need to serve humanity, do research or pursue scientific objectives. Pluto here will sometimes complicate your health by causing blockage, constipation, abnormal growths or tumors; in the teen years it can give problems with acne. Unless you channel your energies properly, you could become a hypochondriac and run from one doctor to the next. You could become the victim of your own pent-up energies and must face and overcome any bad habits.

Your sense of responsibility in sexual matters can, if properly handled, help you become a most thoughtful lover. You feel bound to provide everything that will please your partner when it comes to loving and sexual technique. But if you carry this service too far, satisfying the demands of your lover's pleasure may eclipse your own; in the long run that will put the relationship out of balance. On the other hand, you may feel that your lover must always do specific things in order to give you real satisfaction, which is likely to limit your own sexual potential. YOu should discuss with your partner exactly what you really want of each other and then take care to fulfill each other's needs equally. You may find a certain reward in playing out bedroom fantasies that involve sexual obligation or even control and dominance. However, it is very important to keep such games confined to the bedroom; otherwise, the inequality of respect and love within the relationship can cause your mutual affection to erode. Probably you prefer to have your own and your partner's needs fairly well delineated, but you should not let these roles remain static. Be willing to change your respective parts in a structured way to give you both the greatest potential satisfaction.

Pluto Square Midheaven Orb = 6.37 (90+7 - 9%) - This is a very weak aspect and may hardly be apparent at all
Pluto square Midheaven natives are powerful in their field, but it takes time, energy and dedication for them to achieve the goals they have set their sights on. Often you meet defeat on your way to success, only to rise from the ashes to continue on your own way. You are not above a bit of subterfuge or manipulation to get your own way. Until you learn the art of compromise and giving in to others' wishes, you will find it difficult to maintain good give-and-take relationships. Your worst fault is riding roughshod over other people to get to where you are going and you may find that when you do get to the top it is not the comfortable pinnacle you expected.

Aquarius in the 1st house
You appear quite self-confident, and especially as you mature, exude an air of 'if you like me, fine--if you don't that's fine too'. But you don't really mean it. You enjoy being different, and you even pride yourself on your individualism, but to be liked is as important to you as the next person. If you have Uranus prominently located, you could be a rebel--but always with a cause. Your cause! You are quite set in your ways--unless Uranus is in a mutable sign. You have sufficient personal magnetism to draw other people to you, and they will often accept behavior from you that they might not tolerate in others. If Saturn is very strong, you may hold on to certain traditions; if Uranus is strong than Saturn, you will do all that you can to change the status quo. Physical exercise daily of some type is important; you tend to have sluggish circulation.

Aries in the 2nd house
If you have Pisces rising, inner talents and resource will be important to you, but you may not be patient enough to take good care of your assets and may end up with financial headaches. You may have many good and new ideas of how to make money. If Mars is in a stable sign, you will learn to budget properly and hold on to some of it. Impulsive, you must learn financial conservation since material possessions are important to you and provide inner security until you are able to use your other resources, as indicated by the horoscope.

Taurus in the 3rd house
This gives personal magnetism. Though you may seem easy and pliable, you can be as stubborn as a mule unless you have a Pisces Ascendant and Mercury in a mutable sign. You are very artistic, musical and creative, especially if Aquarius or Pisces is rising. You should use these talents in such areas as writing or in music. You seem to have an intuitive understanding of others, especially if Venus is well placed. Your early years were pleasant and your youth was quite stable without many moves or changes unless Venus is very poorly aspected. If you have brothers or sisters, you enjoy their company and remain good friends with them. You thrive in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and you always try to show you appreciation for the values of other people.

Gemini in the 4th house
Family traditions, parental relations, and cultural background are strong factors in your life. Often when Pisces rises there is great interest in the ancestral heritage. You may have two homes, or you may have had a relative living with you when you were young. If Mercury has challenging aspects, or if Aquarius rises, there will be many changes of residence and extensive activity in your old age. Many times, you may use a pen name in your activities as an author who works from his home. Your parents found it necessary to provide you with books and intellectual stimulation.

Cancer in the 5th house
Unless the Moon is in a fixed sign, you can be sentimentally fickle and inconstant. However, once your affections are focused, you can be strongly maternal and loving. Musical, imaginative, and dramatic, your creative efforts often appeal to the public, especially when Aquarius or Pisces rises. You have a strong cultural sense. You often do your best work late at night. If the Moon is afflicted, you must curb your intense love of gambling before it causes financial difficulties.

Leo in the 6th house
You go to work with a smile, and you can certainly become a leader in your field; however, if Aquarius or Aries rises, you are not happy in a subordinate position. You are rarely completely satisfied with your work, and this can make you testy and hard to deal with. With Pisces rising, you feel that work is one area where you can prove yourself and you are willing to work hard. Guard your health well; you are prone to heart problems and back problems, especially if the Sun is afflicted by Saturn. The Sun is not strong here and often indicates a lowered vitality. It is important that you learn balance in your activities.

Virgo in the 7th house
You have a compassionate and somewhat retiring personality, but you tend to marry a critical partner or you are critical of the partner you choose. You look for security in your partner, and you may marry too early; often there are two marriages, with the second one much happier than the first, since you grow more realistic as you mature. You must learn service in your partnerships and not expect too much in return. As you learn to give of yourself, you will gain greater inner happiness. Virgo here is a fine placement for a career in the military service. Be sure to blend both Mercury and Neptune to determine the right kind of partner for you.

Libra in the 8th house
You may marry for money or in anticipation of an inheritance only to be disappointed, unless Venus is very well placed. Sometimes, an early deception in love will promote better judgment the second time around. Avoid overindulgence in alcohol as there is a tendency to kidney problems. Learning to compromise in financial matters promotes maturity. Libra here is often the judge, the banker or the manager of other people's affairs. If Aries is rising, your ardent nature can be quite sex-oriented, and one affair may not suffice. Your wish to explore all alternatives may lead you to much variety but few meaningful involvements.

Scorpio in the 9th house
You seek the meaning of life with emotional intensity, not orthodoxy, but rather through the occult and mystical. You travel all of your life, if not physically, then through travels of the mind. You are often slow to act and over-prudent, unless Aries rises. This is a good placement for medical doctors, teachers, and publishers, because of your innate and tacit understanding of life. With challenging aspects to Pluto, you could be a religious fanatic. With Aquarius rising, you are not likely to adopt the religion of your parents, but rather seek out a philosophy of life and religion that suits your particular life-style and beliefs.

Sagittarius in the 10th house
You are cheerful, friendly, and outgoing especially if you have Aquarius rising; adversity and the struggle for success stimulate you. If Pisces is rising and Jupiter has very difficult aspects to it, you may find that others seem to stand in the way of your achievement. However, with a flowing Jupiter, you may seek to reach for the stars and achieve in professions like preaching, flying, or dancing. You also make a good leader, manager and executive, and you are well able to sell your ideas to the public through the written or spoken word. If Aries is on the Ascendant, and Mars is well placed, you can pioneer new ideas and new fields. If Jupiter is well aspected to Saturn, superiors will give you a helping hand up the ladder to success.

Capricorn in the 11th house
Since you don't seek people out, you don't have too many friends, but a few close ones are all that you require. Older people seem to play an important role in your life, and you have strong ties with your grandparents. With Aquarius or Aries rising, you usually achieve your goals because you are so willing to work hard for them. If Saturn is poorly placed, Capricorn here can make you quite suspicious of others and unwilling to involve yourself in any joint endeavors. If Pisces rises, you may feel that you always give more than you receive in return; as a result, you prefer to be a loner, rather than feel alone in a crowd.

Aquarius in the 12th house
Your inner awakening becomes more important than anything else. You may feel inner turmoil and unrest until well after Saturn has made its first return at about age 29. This especially true if Aries is rising in your chart. With Aquarius rising, you will greatly resent any kind of restraint, but you learn to cope with your emotions quite well, unless Uranus is very challenged. With Pisces rising, your intuition is usually quite well developed, you feel empathy for the underdog and all those in need. This placement makes you the happiest when you are giving service of some kind or working with the underprivileged; also, it makes you a very private person, one who will always show a different face to the world, a mask hiding your true self. It is a good placement for actors. With a weak chart, the tendency can be to escape through alcohol or drugs.

The Only Way to Learn Astrology by Marion D. March and Joan McEvers. Planets in Love by John Townley.