BVI April'04

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Trip organized by Joe Feisal of

Flying into Tortola and views of the main town "Road Town":
One of the two Bavarias we had; this one 49' and the other 44':
Our skipper explaining the importance of nutrition on the high seas:
at the Top of the Baths on Virgin Gorda:
and the Baths themselves:
Our best day sailing, up towards Anagoda, in "full ocean sailing conditions":
Then back to the Bitter End on Virgin Gorda:
some had more accomodations than others...
Sandy Cay:
    <-- this one's the best!
More pics from Jacquie:
More pics from MarMar:

some more links I found before our trip:

the best picture:
a good general description:
or an atlas version:
or a more folksy one:

a map of the BVI and links to the little islands we visited: like (Salt) Peter, Norman, Jost van Dyke, and Virgin Gorda.

a town and road map of Tortola: (the airport's over on the right end)
a map of the big town, "Road Town":
where we kicked off at Nanny Cay:, an arial view: and webcam:

our two boats are Bavaria 44 and 49 footers:

More photos
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