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Balance is a key quality in taken Sep '05 my life as symbolized by the yin/yang of Taoism. As such, I span a broad range, and I'd prefer someone who understands that most things can be appropriate at different times.

I describe myself as adventurous and romantic, strong and gentle, playful, fun and mature, spiritual, fit, and a non-smoker. I'm fairly deep, intelligent, observant, reflective, soft-spoken, and 'sweet' (I've been told).

I like to do lots of different things: wine and dining, exploring and day trips, hiking, sailing, movies, window shopping, fairs, social cooking, snuggling, kissing--sharing life with one special person!

taken Apr '04 To provide a few specifics about myself...
- I'm 5'9, 170; I run almost every day.
- I was raised with manners--open doors, say please/thank you etc.
- I am not a neatnik but not horribly messy either.
- NOT a Type A! I do love organization, but I'm too lazy to implement it!
- I *have* a tux but usually wear jeans.
- I love gourmet or can just as easily eat at BK but prefer anything 'interesting';
- I prefer many long weekends over one big trip (unless it's Italy or France!).
- I am a TV/movie type person; don't read much except for politics or personal growth.
- I listen to NPR in the afternoon and Stern in the morning.
- I'm 50% Yin or Omega vs 50% Alpha or Yang.

All in all, a mixed bag of a lot of different things

taken Feb '07

For the astrologically curious, I am a Scorpio with Pisces Moon, Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus in Libra, and Mars in Scorpio. I'd be happy to do yours if you're interested :) For those who don't already know, you really need to look at all 9 planets to see the individual beyond the broad generalization of your sun sign (well, at least 5 planets!)

Some things from my past: taken Oct '06 used to own a motorcycle; taught at a sailing camp on Cape Cod; owned a 31' sailboat; took flying lessons; skydived--3 times; rode horses well--competed in dressage; spent one night in jail (for an old, unpaid speeding ticket); have driven down the Cote d'Or of France in October; and sailed around the BVI's, and have participated in a few different 'seminars' over the years including Tony Robbins, Insight, Creating Success, MSIA, Reiki, and meditation at the Omega Institute.

I have two wonderful boys, 23 & 25, the older is now living up in Boston and the younger is still living with me but looking to move out soon. I've been through two marriages now: one 30yrs ago for 8yrs; then 10yrs passed before another one for 4yrs, but the 2nd was mostly about visa requirements - not enough time to decide if we were right for marriage..

Why am I here? I am seeking a happy, healthy, loving relationship, full of passion, play, and contentment with a beautiful woman whom I adore and respect. I don't 'date around' and would prefer to find one special person to spend my life with. I am determined and patient to find the right match, but I dearly miss the intimacy, sharing, support, and companionship that two people can give to each other. In fact I've had less than a handful of 1st dates in the last 10 months. It's too easy to get into 'a' relationship and it's such a waste of time if it's not someone you' re going to spend the rest of your life with. Why invest so much and then just have to start all over again??


I love to explore, visit, day trips taken New Years '06 to find a new gastro pub, even window shop new places. I like to go out to dinner at least one night per week and then some event or activity every other weekend such as to visit Baltimore, Annapolis, or Alexandria. I love movies, so I'll watch a couple per week--subscriber of Netflix. I am gainfully employed and also own a small startup company online. I work a regular 8-4:30/weekdays.

One interesting little project that I just finished is translating a friend's book from Spanish for publication in English called La Ley Universal de la Atraccion y La Travesia de Maite at www.light-la.com. very interesting subject matter! In fact, it's now available on Kindle! The Universal Law of Attraction - Maite's Journey of Discovery


- seeing all sides of a debate;
- blending in diverse settings;
- learning anything by watching someone do it;
- getting to the true essence of a person and understanding their view;
- helping to solve problems and optimize;
- avoiding things I have to do :)
- lightening up (balancing) intense moments;
- connecting very deeply with one special person;
- committing to one special person!


glasses, smile, nice guy, takes a minute to warm up then also funny, clever, insightful, and deep.


I like a range of tastes in all things...
Foods: gourmet, spicy, even fast foods, but always 'interesting';

Music: alternative, new age, techo/house/electronica, rock, classical, jazz, salsa--Delerium, Enigma, Gotan Project, Jean-Michel Jarre, Moby, NIN, Pink Floyd, Tori Amos...(too many to mention)  On Saturday nights I blast 'house' music, so I guess I have to say that's my fav.

Movies: romantic comedies, action flicks, mystery/thriller, drama--Amadeus, American President, Bourne Identity(all 3), Definitely,Maybe, Ferris Bueller, Finding Nemo, Good Will Hunting, Grosse Pointe Blank, Grand Canyon, The Holiday, LA Story, Match Point, Midnight in Paris, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, National Treasure(both), Spanish Prisoner, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and...

if I had to pick my ultimate metaphor for who I am and what I'm seeking, it would be When Harry Met Sally for its humor, wit, insight, and ultimate love and friendship.

TV: 24, 2.5 Men, Bill Maher, Californication, Colbert Report, CSI Miami, Dexter, Entourage, ER, House, West Wing.

Last read: news web sites, "Defend the Realm: Authorized History of MI5" by Christopher Andrew; "At the Center of the Storm" by George Tenet; "Takeover: The Return of the Imperial Presidency and the Subversion of American Democracy"; "In Defense of Food"; Budget Travel mag, The Economist, Natl. Enq (shhh)

Favorite destinations: (so far) France, Bermuda, Disney World, and Toronto. also been to Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, muchas de las islas del Caribe.
Next on list: Tuscany, Florence, Barcelona, Sevilla, and Napa again.


1> family&friends; b) health; III] the internet; air; sex(really, physical intimacy). and GPS.

On the other hand, things I could do without!! Brussel sprouts, gin, retsina wine, slasher movies, smoking(anything), lawn ornaments.


gravity. literally!


@home cooking/watching a movie. I have to admit--I'm not a fan of standing in lines; why not go out on a Tuesday or Thursday and get right in?!


I've actually had cat scratch fever once; it wasn't really anything much--just swollen glands and it passed in a few days (many years ago!!)

I use composite astrology to predict, with amazing accuracy and insight, how a relationship will probably go with a potential mate. So far they've always proved to be 100% accurate! I'll be happy to do a composite profile for you and a relationship you have or had; just send me two birth dates.


My Perfect Match will be ...
- Warm, playful, affectionate], responsible, savvy, spiritual, adventurous, youthful, and attractive (to my eyes);
- Loves to travel/explore, wine/dine, appreciates culture, and many many other things. My ideal is to take turns choosing/planning things to do because we both love trying/doing new/different things;
- Cares to be healthy in all of mind, body, and spirit (not just a slogan);
- A natural beauty, strong>a great smile, and a long dark mane (as long as I'm idealizing :)
- non-smoker, or hasn't in a very long time!
- Doesn't want or already has children;
- Preferably between 40 and 56
p.s. If you still really want to know more! check out some of the fun and wacky 'personality' tests I took at one of my favorite sites!

I like to do astrological profiles as a hobby,
so if you'd like one just email me your DOB.

There are a bunch more pages here on my homepage;
take a look at the links along the left side to get started...

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 a jazzy little ditty 9KB MID
 Enigma: Mea Culpa 4.5MB MP3 and the lyrics
 Delerium: Duende 5MB MP3, Silence 5MB MP3, Twilight 5MB MP3
 Sneaker Pimps: 6 Underground
3.6MB MP3 or Becoming X 4MB MP3
 NIN: Head Like a Hole 4.6MB MP3 or Get Down Make Love 4MB MP3
Recent concerts I've been to:
Apr '06 Beth Orton at the TLA
Nov '05 NIN at the Spectrum
Jun '99 Ani DiFranco at the Mann
Apr '99 Kitaro at the Keswick
Jul '98 Tori Amos at the Spectrum
Oct '97 Sarah McClachlan at the Spectrum
Sep '97 Sneaker Pimps at the TLA
May '97 Fiona Apple at the TLA
Sep '95 NIN & David Bowie at the Sony Music Center
Aug '95 Wolfgang Press at the Middle East
Jun '94 Pink Floyd at Veterans Stadium
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